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Join thousands of SLPs who are using
SLP Now to streamline their therapy planning!

On average, we help our members save over 5 hours per week. Once you sign up, you’ll get instant access to 1,000’s of evidence-based therapy materials. Your first 5 downloads are completely free!

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Lacee J.
Lacee J.
SLP Now member

Holy moly. It’s hard to put into words what Marisha has created with this program. This has truly been my lifeline this school year. I spend about 10-15 minutes (no joke!) every Friday afternoon prepping for the entire next week of therapy. SLP Now provides evidence-based materials for every. single. student. on my caseload. There are literacy units, skills packs, assessments, and crafts. Most of the time, I just print and use immediately!

Sarah L.
Sarah L.
SLP Now member

I now feel clear headed knowing my lesson planning is quick and effective. Joining SLP Now organizes your SLP lesson plan life so you can move on to doing what you got into this profession for -- seeing students.

Sarah R.
Sarah R.
SLP Now member

The data collection opportunities have saved me this year. I’ve tried 15 different systems -- Google Docs, paper, Avery labels, this chart/that chart. I’ve just never had something that was good enough to keep using until now.

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